HR Solutions

People are the foundation of your business

As we move into a growing and changing business environment, the need for Human Resources to become a strategic business partner for the organization is imperative. Organizations are facing a challenging economic climate, changing demographics, constant regulatory oversight, shifting employee values, and advancing technology, all of which impact the ability of organizations to compete and succeed in a global environment. HRD Strategies provides a variety of services designed to assist organizations in the ever changing scope of the business environment.


    Developing policies for your organization will bring structure to the day-to-day personnel questions that arise. We provide an evaluation of your current practices and policies and offer improvements to ensure your company is adhering to all legal regulations. We can meet your unique needs by adapting standardized practices and policies. Additionally, we can partner with you to successfully implement new practices and policies and include them in your employee handbook.

    There are over 22 different Federal Employment Laws that companies must maintain compliance. Couple this with state and industry required regulations, can make compliance seem overwhelming. As experts in the field, we can help you skip the guesswork. By auditing your current policies, we will identify any potential violations.


    Whether it’s a multi-year initiative project or managing a short-term goal, it takes away from the duties of your staff. We are experts in the field and can oversee any and all projects that fall outside of the day-to-day needs of an HR department.


    Employee Relations remain one of the most troubling areas for the HR professional to navigate. We provide value added HR solutions that are comprehensive, systematic and logical in approach and application. Specializing in innovative best practices that can be utilized as a resource for the design and improvement of HR systems. We are dedicated to providing solutions that will assist organizations in developing cultures that are proactive to current issues.


    Over time, organizations change and often need to reevaluate their current strategies. With expertise in supporting change initiatives, we can work with you to assess the current state of your HR and develop a strategic plan to help you move towards a progressive future state.


    As you explore the best compensation and benefits programs for your people, we provide analysis of base pay programs, merit and salary planning. Based on years of experience and industry best practices, we help you navigate selecting benefits providers, communicating programs to employees and designing compensation plans.


    Growing your organization may come by way of a merger or acquisition. As your organization begins to integrate and develop, we can provide analysis of the current processes and suggest best practices for the future of your organization.