Talent Management

The primary success factor to execute your business strategy is building the talent pipeline needed to increase performance and get results

Recruiting, selecting and retaining the right leaders are often cited as a top organizational challenge. We can help you to reduce the risk of turnover and help you retain your most valuable employees. Our talent management systems provide the strategy, infrastructure and processes that prepare an organization to optimally recruit, assess, select, train, develop, engage, retain and promote employees.


    We deliver talent acquisition services from start to finish to ensure your organization acquires top talent beyond the traditional interview process. By focusing on behavior, talent and core competencies, we aim to align talent with skills needed today and in the future. To that end, we assess candidates on the front end utilizing numerous psychological instruments, simulations and behavioral based interviewing techniques. Additionally, after the candidate is hired we maintain the momentum with 90 days of individual coaching to ensure a smooth transition into the new role. This added value differentiates our firm from others in our field.


    Developing a competency model to guide all aspects of talent management will strengthen your ability to recruit new employees, manage performance and retain talent. Time, expense and having the expertise in-house to do this work are often barriers. When embarking on the path of selecting and defining competencies, organizations needs to pause for an introspective review. Linking competencies to your organization’s purpose, goals and values is key to culture change. Consistent and supportive infrastructure is key for institutionalizing competencies. Embedding competencies into the organization through talent systems used for employee selection, measuring performance, succession planning and employee development is also critical.

    We can partner with your organization to create a unique competency model and action plan that best fits your needs.


    Building the bench strength needed to fill key leadership positions as they become available is a fundamental component of your overall talent management strategy. We can help you analyze your current talent pool, identify the skills gap and actively develop the talent needed for each critical role.

    Retaining top performers is a strategic, proactive and targeted initiative. Decreasing employee turnover not only reduces training and recruitment costs, but also prevents a loss of organizational knowledge. We can provide the expertise needed to develop and implement a robust talent retention program to ensure your best employees stay.


    The traditional approach to performance management has done little to improve organizational effectiveness. We approach this work using a comprehensive performance development model which develops an individual’s behavioral, technical and business competencies. This delivers professionalism and accountability to the organization. Performance management links individual performance goals with strategic organizational objectives while challenging and providing resources to employees to improve results. Performance management involves planning (goals and objectives), coaching (feedback and support), review (evaluation of performance) and development (growth and improvement). We believe most people want evaluations they can believe in, have a part in and achieve success through meaningful feedback.


    Providing the best training and development for employees at all levels will ensure your team refines the skills needed to be successful in their current and future roles. Good leaders develop through a ongoing process of self-study, education, training and experience. We offer a variety of training solutions designed to develop leadership knowledge, skills and abilities. Our programs are never canned or off-the-shelf. We specialize in building customized solutions that fit your organizational need.