Technical Training and Development

The development of technical skills is critical to achieve high performing teams results

We offer an integrated system design for operations training responsive to the needs of our client organizations. The design is efficient and engages clients in development. The product is fully self-contained and easily modified by an organization to address organizational changes and enhancements to work processes. The system supports and provides all facets of training, performance management, standard operating procedures, work instructions and skill based pay.


    Developing a training system that is clear, concise and relevant is our top priority. We partner with key stakeholders in your organization to complete a comprehensive needs analysis to determine the skills, knowledge and capabilities required. During this phase, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the technical requirements.


    Training materials can be delivered both electronically and paper. To maximize learning, technical training materials include learning guides, instructor guides and video. We work closely to ensure technical accuracy, instructional effectiveness, job relevance and the appropriate detail level.


    We continue to work closely with organizations through the implementation and evaluation of the training programs. This may include presentation preparation, training techniques, scheduling and logistics and evaluation methods.