NEWS RELEASE: HRD Strategies Announces Cyber Forensics Partnership with Millstone Labs LLC

Bowling Green, KY & Greensboro, NC – HRD Strategies, Inc., a leading global provider of human resources and management consulting solutions, and Millstone Labs LLC., a leading cyber forensics and law enforcement training firm, announced their strategic partnership today. The partnership expands services to clients of both firms and strengthens HRD’s position of merging the science of talent with cutting-edge technology.  Clients with HRD Strategies will now have direct access to state-of-the-art technology and leading national experts in the fields of computer forensics, digital investigations, and litigation support.

“The idea of Millstone Labs is to bring the power of digital evidence examination and the ability to use electronic evidence in all criminal investigations to rural and under-served agencies that traditionally cannot afford this service or training.  We want to expand that mission to the thousands of under resourced IT, HR, & Legal departments around the country,” stated Michael Lovett, Founder & Senior Partner at HRD Strategies.

Now that computers, tablets, and smart devices are such a pervasive part of an employee’s work life, most investigations into sexual harassment, discrimination, or employee data breaches are incomplete without the proper supporting digital evidence.  Conversely, in situations where employers find their digital “smoking gun”, it will serve as little value to a case if handled improperly during the investigation process.  Conversations with security executives and law enforcement support the fact that most organizations just do not have the time, skill, and resources to put towards these efforts.  “Given that we live in an increasingly digital age and less than 3% of law enforcement agents are trained in electronic evidence acquisition, it is easy to see why businesses need forensic experts to help protect their interests,” said Michael Lemon, CEO at Millstone Labs, LLC.  “Results that can typically take 3+ months to receive from off-site facilities; we can turn around in days – and, that is our difference!” added Michael.

Though traditionally regarded as a post-incident response measure, computer forensics can also play a proactive role for businesses.  Companies that are required to comply with standards set forth by HIPPA, PCI, and SOX can leverage these tools for internal auditing compliance or even early violation detection.   Being able to pinpoint infractions prior to an external audit or agency survey gives businesses the opportunity to remediate issues before costly fines are handed down.  Ultimately these proactive tools can help reduce the expenses associated with maintaining compliance and protect your business.

The offices of HRD Strategies, Inc. and Millstone Labs, LLC are both located in the Western Kentucky University (WKU) Small Business Accelerator. “The Accelerator serves as a collaborative community where the entrepreneurial spirit and professional services are intertwined. We encourage collaboration among our clients in an effort to foster new ideas and innovation,” explained Jeff Hook, Director of the WKU Center for Research and Development and Executive Director of the Central Region Office of the Kentucky Innovation Network. “This strategic partnership was created as the result of being under the same roof at the WKU Small Business Accelerator, a great example of the power of networking and collaboration,” agreed Michael Lovett.

For more information about HRD Strategies, Inc. and Millstone Labs, LLC, email [email protected].

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