Engagement, Transparency, Accountability: A Strategic Marriage

Michael Lovett of HRD Strategies provides an overview of engagement, transparency and accountability models for HR professionals. Michael Lovett introduces the AON-HEWITT model of Engagement, Syergistic Transparency and explains the integration of accountability and performance management.

This presentation was developed for the HR Management Association of Greensboro, NC (HRMAG) in January 2014 and presented again in March 2015 for the Alamance County (NC) Human Resources Association (ACRA). Both of these Chapters are affiliates of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). These presentations earned HRCI credit, which enabled certified HR professional attending the meetings to receive strategic credit for required continuing education. 

Engagement / Transparency / Accountability: “A Strategic Marriage”

Engagement consists of several domains or drivers (i.e. Quality of Life, Work, People, Opportunities, Rewards and Company Practices). The AON-HEWITT Engagement Model goes beyond measuring people’s satisfaction with each of these drivers. The model prioritizes the areas for improvement based on their potential impact and baseline performance. Another key premise of the Engagement Model is that the Engagement Drivers are interrelated; they do not operate in isolation.  By identifying and measuring these drivers, organizations can understand how to meet the needs of their employees and focus on the specific areas of improvement that have the largest impact on engagement and business results.  We will dissect the model and apply it to your organization, and link it to the SHRM Competency Model.

When we speak of transparency and creating a culture of candor, we are really talking about the free flow of information within an organization and between the organization and its many stakeholders, including the public. For information to flow freely within an organization, people must feel free to speak openly, and leaders must welcome such openness.  No matter the official line, true transparency is rare.  This discussion will be around examples of true transparency and the interrelationship to employee engagement.

The final part of the presentation will focus on accountability and the system of managing performance at the individual, business unit and enterprise level to drive engagement and transparency.  We will discuss those specific observable behaviors inherent to creating the culture of Saying, Doing, and Measuring success.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the AON-HEWITT Model of Engagement  and the associated drivers.
  • Demonstrate understanding of Synergistic Transparency
  • Explain how accountability and performance mnagement integrate into engagement and transparency
  • Review the new SHRM Competency Model and link the competencies to performance of the HR Professional in establishing Engagement and Tranparency in their organization

Engagement, Transparency, Accountability: A Strategic Marriage – Michael Lovett – HRD Strategies from HRDstrategies

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