Is Your Organization in Compliance?

HR Compliance

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a memorandum giving significant clarification on policy, rules, and handbook language that is in violation of the National Labor Relations Act  (NLRA). This will require a thorough review of your current practices and documentation to ensure your organization is in compliance. Human resource professionals need to be aware of unlawful policies that may conflict with sections of the NLRA.

The General Counsel’s report addresses the following types of workplace rules:

  • confidentiality
  • conduct toward the employer and management
  • conduct toward co-workers
  • communications and interaction with outside parties and the media
  • use of logos, copyrights or trademarks
  • photography and recording in the workplace
  • leaving work or premises, or walking off the job
  • conflicts of interest

Download: GC 15_04 Report of the General Counsel Concerning Employer Rules.pdf

How does this impact your organization?

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