Performance Coaching Intervention

A performance coaching intervention is an in-depth, intense process designed to improve difficult interactions and relationships. To be successful, it is important that the leaders are aware of the impact the conflict is having on work performance, leadership effectiveness, and the organization.  The coaching sponsor will need to set expectations by informing the leaders of the process. “Another key to success is to ensure that both leaders understand the consequence of not making the relationship work. Ultimately, they are on course for their career to be derailed.” shares Michael Lovett, HRD Strategies.

HRD Strategies has used the following process when engaging in a performance coaching intervention:

  • Exploratory Intake Meetings: Individual exploratory meetings are held with the leaders and those who have been most impacted or observed the interactions causing the disruption of the team. The goal of these meetings is to gather background information, understand the historical context of the relationship and why in their mind this is an untenable relationship.
  • Feedback Session: The leaders attend a one day session to lay out the feedback, agree on the content and utilize methods to align them with a common goal of a productive professional relationship. Behavioral based feedback will be included in the session, as well. The issues will be segmented by operational, process, or personal.  This part of the process teaches the leaders how to give and receive positive and constructive feedback and remove the barriers that is commonly damaging their effectiveness and relationship.
  • Alignment:   A meeting is now held between the Leaders, Coaching Sponsor and Coach to clarify mutual expectations and ensure alignment.  The leaders will be asked to inform those who have been negatively impacted by their behavior of their commitment to change.
  • 3-month Coaching Support:  Individual coaching sessions and a three-way teleconference are arranged every two weeks with the leaders for three months to engage in personal coaching discussions, progress, feedback and resolving issues.

In addition to performance intervention coaching, HRD Strategies also provides executive leadership coaching for senior leadersContact us to learn more.

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